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Get the latest fashion trends, the best in travel and my life.


Dolce Diana

A true Texan at heart, used to wide open spaces and huge closets—it was while I was living in a small flat in the UK that I read “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and organized my home using the KonMari Method™. The transformation that happened in me after KonMari was emotional: I found joy. After experiencing the lasting sense of tranquility that expands into every area of my life after organizing my home, I knew I wanted to share this peace and lifestyle with others who, like me, might be intimidated by the thought of organizing their space.

Dolce Diana

After spending 3 years studying abroad and 2.5 years working in the UK with my husband, I have gained a lot of experience living outside of my own country and traveling throughout Europe and beyond. Now settled in Italy for the next 3-5 years, I continue to embrace the adventure of living abroad. As a quintessential Southern gal, I am known for my bubbly personality, eternal optimism, and love of good manners. I am not afraid to get my hands dirty or join the guys for a game of football. I see the world as an exciting and welcoming place full of wonder and things to explore and enjoy. For me, life should be fun, easy, and delightful.

I have a passion for the KonMari method, and organizing my home according to the “does it spark joy” metric brings a sense of relaxation and calm that I want to share with others. To me, getting organized is about feelings and creating a space that serves as a source of comfort and inspiration, rather than stress.

During the pandemic, I faced a challenging time with a newborn and a health scare, which tested my eternal optimism. Though it was tough, I am still processing my experience and hope to share my journey with others going through similar situations.

As a self-proclaimed champagne enthusiast, my husband and I have made several hilarious champagne review videos that could be a fun project to share. Connecting deeply with others comes naturally to me, and I cherish my friendships across the world and with those from my hometown who feel like family.

I am thrilled to share my experiences and knowledge with you. Living in different countries, facing challenges, and finding joy in the simple things has taught me so much about life. I hope my perspective will inspire you to embrace new adventures, seek positivity, and find joy in your own journey.

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