Hi, I'm Dolce Diana, and I wanted to talk about my journey with feeding my baby. When I was younger, I always imagined myself breastfeeding, but as I got older and closer to having a baby of my own, I started to think about the toll it would have on my body. I talked to my friends who had kids, and I had a great model who exclusively formula fed and had lots of great things to say about it. I made a pro-con list and as I wrote the phrase, "have control of my body back," in the pros list, I broke into tears.

We researched formulas and found one that worked well for us

I talked to my husband about it, and although he was confused about why we would feed our baby cow food instead of human food, he was supportive of my decision to formula feed. We researched formulas and found one that worked well for us. One of the benefits of formula feeding was that my husband could participate and bond with our baby. We did nighttime feedings every three hours until our baby reached her birth weight, and then we started doing it every two nights. We could both do nighttime feedings, and it was amazing.

Formula feeding also had other benefits, like the fact that the supply was always endless, and we could pack it in our bag and go. Our baby never had digestive issues, and she always gained weight. My diet didn’t affect her digestion, and she wasn’t much of a spitter-upper. I got to put feeding the baby in the easy column for parenting, and that was a huge win for my experiential life and my well-being because it was a choice that I made.

For moms who exclusively use formula, I highly recommend the Baby Brezza. It’s a formula machine that makes it super easy to mix and prepare formula with just a touch of a button. You can program it for a specific formula brand, saving a lot of time and effort. We also loved using Dr. Brown’s bottles with the vent system that helps babies ingest less air. It’s especially helpful for babies with colic or reflux. And for a stroller that doubles as a car seat, we loved the Duna stroller. It’s versatile and practical for parents on the go. When it comes to swaddling, we found that the Velcro swaddles were the best for keeping our baby snug and secure. And for diaper changing, we organized a small basket of diapers and a tiny trash can on top of the changing table. We also had a weighted baby wipes holder and a dish of pacifiers in the top drawer. It made changing time a breeze.

I’m proud of my decision to formula feed, and I want more light shined on choosing this as something to be proud of. Formula feeding is just as good and healthy as breastfeeding, and I don’t see a lot of that out there. I see a lot of breastfeeding, and I think that supporting each other in our choices is important. Everyone has different ideas about pregnancy, delivery, and newborns, and we’re all doing the best that we can. I had agency and the ability to choose, and that’s what I want for all mothers.

If you’re considering formula feeding, I can share our favorite brand and bottles with you. It’s important to find what works well for you and your baby. Formula feeding was the right choice for me and my family, and I’m grateful for the experience. I hope that sharing my journey can help other moms feel empowered to make the choice that’s best for them and their babies.